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12 jan - YOGA, MEDITATION & SELF LOVE med Sofie Simonsson - Varberg

En workshop där vi praktiserar självkärlek, yoga & meditation och firar oss själva. ’Empowerment tour ’ är stöttat av ROXY som är ett internationellt klädmärke för kvinnor där surf, yoga och aktiv livstil uppmärksammas. Deras filosofi går hand i hand med Sofies: att stärka sig själv och varandra.
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’Empowerment Tour ’ med Sofie Simonsson, Founder of Spiritual Lioness

This tour is created for you. We all have the power within to create the life we want, to be who we are and to grow into what has always been our truth.
This is a celebration of you and a powerful gathering where the purpose is to feel empowered.
We will practice self-love, put it down into words and then let it flow through us in a yoga class designed to light your fire, your inner lion and lioness. Continue with meditation to connect to your inner wisdom and closing ceremony to celebrate your truest self.

The class is for everyone, it is all about you and your body.

Om Sofie

While traveling around the world exploring and meeting people, I found yoga and surf. Today those two are my passions. I’ve been teaching Yoga in Sweden (where I’m from), Canary Islands, Mexico and Australia. I’m teaching Vinyasa flow where I focus on one intention for every class, and make the body and mind go through it, with movement, music and words from the heart. I believe in balance in both body and mind. My classes are influenced from people I meet around the world and yoga classes I’ve been to. For me the world of yoga is endless and I like taking bits and pieces that I like and mixing it with what I know. I’m a teacher but also a student, and I think that is a beautiful way to continue the path of learning. Just like I’ve been traveling the world I found yoga to be a journey within.

Plats: Coastal Yoga, Breareds torg, Varberg

Dag och tid: söndag den 12 januari kl 10 - 13