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13 okt - Love your Spine part 1 med Diane - Varberg Coastal Yoga

Welcome to a 2-hour Sunday session with Diane to set your week off to a strong start.
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Spine health (part 1)
Did you know that good posture actually affects your mood? Let's learn about spine anatomy to develop spinal strength and flexibility. Join Diane for her favorite journey into spinal movements, with special attention to twisting. We explore how the spine feels when we do twists from different angles and directions. The goal is to know how to keep your spine healthy and functional.

Class is a mix of stories, tunes and hatha vinyasa. We will try unusual movements, fun ones and some hard ones, too. Please avoid any large or heavy meals this morning. All levels are welcome!


About Diane
She has been practicing yoga for nearly 20 years and teaching for about 10. She’s from San Francisco and has lived in NYC, Sydney, Ho Chi Minh City and Varberg. The experience of living between Asia and Europe has very much influenced her yoga practice, weaving influences of east and west into a tapestry of meditative practices and practical application. She’s registered E-RYT500 with the Yoga Alliance in the US, studies Reiki and works in economics consulting, too.

Class will be taugth in English

Plats: Coastal Yoga, Breareds torg, Varberg