YIN YOGA IMMERSION med Sofie Ringsten - 13-14 april - Varberg

Three Treasures Yin Yoga: Jing, Qi, Shen with acupuncturist & Yin Yoga teacher Sofie Ringsten - A weekend workshop exploring the Taoist three treasures through the practice of Yin Yoga
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In these three long yin yoga sessions, we will explore the Taoist Three Treasures and how they relate to the principles and practice of yin yoga. Through the yin yoga poses we will target the kidney meridian organ system, the liver meridian organ system and the heart meridian organ system. Organ systems related to the three treasures called Jing, Qi, and Shen. Namely essence energy, life force energy and spirit. The foundations and core of health, according to Chinese medicine.

We will dive into a very beautiful concept and terminology that really helps us to understand the three treasures on a deeper level, and understand our bodies, and how we can build some strong longevity. We willrestore our qi and nourish our spirits from the very foundation of our being, with the assistance of the long holds of yin yoga.


Saturday 10.00 – 12.00 

Class one: preserving Jing

Jing is the primal energy of life, residing in the Kidneys. It can be considered the battery pack, or savings account, of your body and life. Jing can be explained as your DNA, genetic potential, hormonal system, and aging process.

Jing is a deep essence energy. The quality of Jing you inherit and cultivate over a lifetime determines the lifespan and vitality of your life. If you burn up all your Jing too early, you´re broke, in the sense of degeneration of your body. On the other side of that, when you build strong Jing within your Kidneys, you are building a strong lower back, strong knees, and strong bones with a lot of capacity. You are building stamina and strength in your very much living tissues: your fascia (connective tissue).

Jing gives birth to the Qi that moves you through life. So, we start with Jing and a yin yoga session targeting the kidney meridians. We add some guasha and acupressure for the kidneys, to make sure you have the foundation upon which to build your health, and then move on to Qi.

Saturday 13.00 – 15.00 

Class two: dispersing Qi 

Jing lays the potential for the mobilisation of electromagnetic currents through the channels of the body, which is your Qi. Whereas Jing contains the blueprint for life within the genes, Qi is the intelligent force that flows through the material world and genetic potential, and sparks it into life, a.k.a "the spark in the machine". Qi governs blood, and blood will follow Qi, to maintain a well-nourished body and cellular system. When Qi is able to expand its reach within the physical and energetic bodies, there is a greater potential for tissue healing, protection and regeneration.

In this second yin yoga class, we cultivate Qi with the intention to increase the body’s capacity to build and move blood and eliminate stagnation. We target the liver meridians, coupled with guasha and acupressure for free flow of liver energy.

Sunday 10.00 – 12.00 

Class three: nurturing Shen 

The third treasure is Shen. The light and radiance from your heart. Shen is your spirit, and your highest consciousness. The wisdom that you want to share with the world. Your most virtuous nature, making sure you embody non-attachment, compassion, kindness, love, and tolerance.

When you imagine the spirit living in the heart, you must ensure that your heart is a welcoming home and an inviting space. If you wish for your Shen to continue to grow throughout your life, the greater you know yourself, the more you can evolve this home within your heart and the more authenticity can shine through.

A good spirit comes from a sound Jing and Qi. When Qi and Jing are in balance, the Shen is strong. When the emotions are under control, the body is healthy. So, in this last session we target the heart meridians, together with some Shen specific meditation, as well as guasha and acupressure for the heart.

This workshop is open for anyone. Classes will be shared in Swedish or English depending on the students.


Sofie Ringsten is a former police officer turned yoga teacher and acupuncturist. She is trained in yin yoga by its founder, Paul Grilley, and she´s been educating yoga teachers in yin yoga full time the last decade. She´s studied Chinese medicine Beijing, China, and commutes between Stockholm and Maldives, where she lives with her Maldivian partner, running a yoga school called Maldives School of Yoga. She´s the founder of Becoming Your Own Doctor, aiming at teaching people how to live well with Chinese medicine and its self-care methods such as guasha and acupressure. She gives acupuncture treatments in Stockholm and Maldives. When she´s not working she´s mostly running, reading or skateboarding.


13 - 14 april


Coastal Yoga Varberg, Marmorgatasn 3, Breared


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